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Think Tank

We use our curiosity to research and understand market/behavioral transformation.

We leverage our diverse functional and cross-industry experience to identify investment and scaling opportunities.

From sustainable energy innovation to consumer e-commerce platforms, we are polymaths who thrive on wider lens thinking and problem solving.

Strategic Support

We support VCs leveraging our practical experience.
From sourcing to post-funding, we provide strategic and operational guidance to add value to their investments.

We help leaders scale businesses in volume, efficiency, positioning and/or international expansion.

We understand company culture and brand DNA.
We value creatives and leverage them to increase financial results of the brand and returns for investors.

Our Culture

We are curious, eternal learners, Third culture professionals.

We believe in the power of data and of both introvert and extrovert leaders.

We nurture diversity for its proven business results and its ethical implications.

We are non-threatening and generous. We collaborate.
We bring humor and humility.

© Utelias 2020